Brother's Keeper 5.2G Download Choices

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Note: If you want BK version 6 then click here.

Below are several choices for downloading BK5. To get the whole program, you only need BKSETUP. It is available in one large piece or in two pieces. If you have trouble downloading from this web site, please try this other web site.

If you have a previous version of Brother's Keeper, download and install the entire current version from this site to get the new features.

The most recent version of Brothers Keeper for Windows can be obtained if you click on the line below. This one file is all you need. The program is about 2.8 megabytes and may take about 35 minutes to download. After you click to download, then tell your web browser program to save the file to disk. This version contains English, French, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, Finnish, Czech, Italian, and Dutch. (For other languages, see bkother below).

Download BKSETUP.EXE in one LARGE file. 13-Dec-00 2,845,791 bytes

If you need to move the BKSETUP file to a different computer, then download the two part version below instead of the large one part version above. It is in two parts so you can put the files on diskettes. If you do not pick the large one piece file above, then you need BOTH parts of BKSETUP below to get the current version. After you download both parts, RUN the bksetup.exe file and it will also run the second part automatically. Instead of the first two lines below, you could pick the option above to download the whole program in one piece to your C: drive.

Download bksetup.exe (part one) 13-Dec-00 1,454,080 bytes

Download bksetup.w02 (part two) 13-Dec-00 1,391,742 bytes

Note: The file above is bksetup.w02 and there seems to be a bug in some web browsers that gives it the wrong name when downloading. If you have a problem, then click the above line with the RIGHT mouse button, then pick Save As and be sure the name is bksetup.w02 (w zero two). Or else you can rename the file after you download it.

The two lines below have the BKOTHER setup program which has BK with the Polish, Icelandic, Russian, Slovak, Afrikaans, Czech, Portuguese, and Spanish languages. If you do not want those languages, then get the regular version above.

Download bkother.exe (part one) 12-Jun-00 (Polish, Icelandic, Czech, others)

Download bkother.w02 (part two) 12-Jun-00 (Polish, Icelandic, Czech, others)

Click here to download the BK5 translation program (22-Jan-99). (to make a language that is not yet available for BK5.)

The BK5 UTILITY program below is for experienced users only. It will let you do a global search and replace on most fields and let you add back in deleted numbers. It can also add a REF or a Source to a group of people. It can also change people's names from all UPPER case to Normal Case. Version 1.10 can convert TIF files to JPG files in BK5

Download BKUsetup.exe BK5 Utility program 31-Aug-01 version 1.12

Click here for a mirror site with BK5 Windows

Click here for page with the DOS version 5.2B

If you have a large format printer - or PLOTTER then download BK version 6

Version 6

The line below is to download BTRHELP to fix STAT errors in BK5. If you need BTRHELP then download BTRHLP18.ZIP and unzip it (using WINZIP or PKUNZIP) into the directory that contains your data files and read the FIXBK.DOC file for directions. Btrhelp is a DOS program so run it from a MS-DOS prompt. Note that you do NOT need BTRHELP to fix stat error 58 or any error over 1000. Also BTRHELP is only to fix BK5 files, it does not fix BK6 files.

Download BTRHLP18.ZIP

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